Head-mounted augmented reality device aimed at fieldworkers to launch in Japan

NEC Headquarters Tokyo

NEC Headquarters Tokyo
NEC, a prestigious Japanese technology company, has launched a new headset that seeks to provide a new layer of information to fieldworkers. The device, called TeleScouter, is a lightweight pair of eye glasses that are connected to a compact computer that can fit into a person’s back pocket or worn on their belt. The glasses themselves are equipped with another device that paints the lenses with transparent digital imagery using augmented reality technology. NEC believes that the headset will help fieldworkers be more efficient in their duties as the device will send a constant stream of information their way.

Augmented reality is becoming popular in a number of industries, ranging from advertising to medicine. The boundaries of the technology are not yet known, leading companies like NEC to take advantage of the seemingly limitless possibilities. Practical uses for augmented reality are in short supply, but that may change if NEC’s headset proves useful.

The glasses are equipped with a camera that resides in the frame. Images captures by the camera are sent to the computer accompanying the glasses, which then produces digital images based upon the needs of the wearer. These images can be anything from simple text alerts to visual cues highlighting potential hazards in the environment. This is accomplished through cutting edge geolocation technology as well as a constant connection to the Internet.
The device is currently only available in Japan, but NEC has plans to expand the market once the company has gained some real-world experience with the system.

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