Halloween gets safer with mobile technology

halloween mobile technology

A new Trick-or-Tracker smartphone app makes it possible for parents to better monitor their kids.

One of the main concerns that parents face on Halloween night has to do with whether or not their kids are safe, and now mobile technology can be used to complement other efforts – such as going trick-or-treating with the child and making sure that his or her costume makes it easy for drivers to see – in order to keep track of kids throughout this exciting evening.

A new mobile app has been released with parents in mind to help to keep families together and safe.

This use of mobile technology has been created by a developer of hundreds of other family entertainment and safety apps for smartphones. It has created a range of updates and improvements for its Trick or Tracker app, so that parents will be able to continually monitor the location of the child on Halloween, using a smartphone based on Android or iOS. This way, even if a child wanders off or gets lost, it will be easy to find him or her once again.

This use of mobile technology is not meant to replace traditional safety efforts on Halloween.

halloween mobile technologyThe mobile app is installed easily onto the smartphone of both the parent and the child. This makes it possible for the adult to be able to find the child whenever he or she wants, or to have pre-established check-in times. Moreover, the application also gives the child the opportunity to location the parent, or to send a distress message if he or she has lost his or her way, or if he or she is scared or feeling threatened. Those messages immediately notify the parent of the exact physical location of the child through the use of a daytime satellite map.

This can help to alleviate many of the concerns of both parents and children on Halloween, as it can be easy for a kid to become separated from his or her parent at a busy house, or simply by becoming turned around and heading the wrong way down the street. Even kids who know their neighborhoods very well can struggle on Halloween, when it is dark, many homes look different because of decorations, and because costumes can make it challenging to identify people they know. In all of the excitement, kids can forget to always watch for their parents, and parents can lose sight of their kids in a crowd or in the dark.

This special use of mobile technology on Halloween through the Trick or Tracker Bi-Directional Family Locator App includes features that are easy for both parents and kids to use and works best when families are already prepared with a safety plan in mind.

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