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mobile sustainability movement

mobile sustainability movement

Sustainability is something more people are becoming interested in. As environmental concerns begin to become more fervent, a number of companies have increased their efforts to become more eco-friendly. As mobile technology becomes ever more prevalent, a mobile sustainability movement is underway led by the QR code. More companies are making use of the codes to promote their sustainability projects in the hopes that a new generation of tech-savvy, eco-conscious consumer will jump on board.

According to a report from comScore MobiLens, a global leader of digital marketing intelligence research, more than 70 million Americans have smart phones. The popularity of this technology has led to the emergence of a complex mobile marketing industry, one that relies heavily on QR codes. More companies are tapping into this industry to connect with the massive number of mobile consumers. Instead of spending millions on advertising, most of which ends up in a landfill after a few short weeks, businesses are finding the codes as an inexpensive alternative.

QR codes are, in essence, the first case of renewable advertising. The codes can either be printed or used online and, once created, no physical changes ever have to be made to the code.

As part of the mobile sustainability movement, Sprint recently released the Green ID package. The package includes a variety of eco-friendly applications, including “Take Action” engagement options which use QR codes as a recruiting tool to enlist others in green initiatives.

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