Gravity Jack confirms augmented reality browsAR 3.0

Gravity Jack Augmented Reality

Gravity Jack Augmented Reality

Gravity Jack prepares to launch browsAR 3.0

Gravity Jack, a developer of augmented reality technology, has announced that its browsAR application will be receiving a significant update this month. The company is geared for the launch of browsAR 3.0, which will bring new features to the platform and provide users with more control over augmented reality. The browsAR application is popular with companies interested in developing interactive marketing campaigns. The application allows these brands to develop digital content for these campaigns that can be accessed through a smart phone.

Augmented reality continues to generate interest with consumers and businesses

Augmented reality has managed to garner a great deal of support and interest through its uses in entertainment and marketing. The technology allows consumers to see the world around them in a new way. It also allows companies to reach out to a new generation of tech-savvy consumers. Mobile augmented reality is quickly becoming the most popular iteration of the technology due to the prevalence of smart phones and tablets.

browsAR 3.0 app to feature social media integration

The browsAR 3.0 application will combine augmented reality with geo-location. This will allow the application to integrate more fluidly with social networks, such as Facebook. Consumers using the application will be able to see where their friends are in real-time in the world around them. The application can also be used to create augmented reality markers –called QAR codes by Gravity Jack – that can be attributed to social network profiles. The same code can take a physical form and be used in a variety of real-world materials.

browsAR 3.0 likely to be a success amongst tech-savvy businesses and consumers

Gravity Jack has worked extensively with various retails brands in the past to develop augmented reality marketing campaigns. The browsAR application has proven itself to be a powerful platform for the development of these campaigns. The upgraded browsAR 3.0 is expected to expound on the success of its predecessors, especially in terms of social media engagement and marketing.

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