Gravity Jack combines QR codes with augmented reality to make some of the first QAR codes in the world

QAR Code Browser

QAR Code BrowserAs the world of mobile technology grows more advanced, many are beginning to question the usefulness of QR codes when augmented reality seems to be a more intuitive response for businesses looking to connect with tech-savvy consumers. Some claim that QR codes are dying off before they have really had a chance to shine, while others argue that the codes are just now beginning to hit their stride. The truth of the matter may lie somewhere in between, as QR codes and augmented reality pair well together. When the two technologies are combined, they create a new sort of barcode that marketers and technology developers have begun calling “QAR” or Quick Augmented Reality.

Gravity Jack, a mobile applications developer, has taken a liking to the concept of QAR codes. The company has updated their popular browser application to recognize these new codes, hoping that consumers will gravitate toward a more dynamic form of augmented reality. The app is connected to an online tool that allows users to create their own QAR codes and link them to their Facebook profiles. When scanned, the codes initiate an augmented reality experience, where smart phone users can browse the profile linked to the code.

The QAR codes can be printed on any surface a normal QR code could adorn, such as a t-shirt or billboard. browsAR can also scan conventional QR codes so those with the app will not be stuck with an as yet unfamiliar type of mobile barcode.

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