GPT builder option might soon be an option for ChatGPT subscribers

GPT Builder, will it be coming soon

Leaked videos and screencaps show a new chatbot creation and management tool for the subscription plan.

OpenAI is getting ready to hold its first developer conference, and at the same time, newly leaked screenshots and video have shown a substantial update to ChatGPT in the form of a GPT Builder option.

The leak suggests that there will be an option for a custom chatbot creator with many known features,

According to a report in The Verge, citing The Decoder, the screenshots and video of the GPT Builder indicate that OpenAI could be planning a custom chatbot creator that will have many of the same features that ChatGPT already has. These include features such as using GPT-4, data analysis, and web browsing. The leak indicates that OpenAI will also launch a new marketplace in which users can browse chatbots made by other people or share those that they have developed.

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A number of experts have been sharing video and screencaps of the use of the new feature, demonstrating the way that users can enter a prompt for the creation of a chatbot. Through the rumored feature’s “Create” tab, there are a number of options from which developers can use, such as default language, writing style, and tone for the chatbot.

An additional “Configure” tab also has fields that can be used for naming, describing, and instructing a chatbot regarding what it is (and is not) able to do. Users will also have the opportunity to upload files that will allow their chatbot to feature a custom knowledgebase. They can also toggle capabilities such as image generation and web browsing. Furthermore, there will be a custom actions box for the chatbot.

The GPT builder also provides a “Preview pane” to allow a chatbot to be tested as it is edited.

Beyond the GPT builder announcement, according to the report, OpenAI will also be releasing a new subscription plan in the form of an enterprise “Team” level, which will have “Flexible” and “Annual” options. The new plan will have additional features such as unlimited highspeed GPT-4, as well as context that is four times longer.

According to a screenshot cited in the report, that GPT Builder plan will be $25 per month, per user when paid annually, or $30 per month when paid monthly. There will be a minimum of three users in both payment plans.

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