Google’s augmented reality eyewear project is real and will be coming out this year

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Google Augmented Reality Glasses

As companies begin to show major interest in augmented reality, developers are showing concern that the market may become over saturated with lackluster software that could give the technology a bad reputation. Google, in particular, has pointed out that mobile augmented reality applications, while useful in some cases, are also inconvenient. This is because consumers are required to constantly have their mobile device in front of their face in order to experience augmented reality. The company believes this too be too inconvenient and announced plans last year to develop a pair of AR glasses that make experiencing the digital world a bit more intuitive.

Google had intended to keep the project under wraps until it grew closer to a public release, but a number of employees claiming to be close to the project have revealed certain details that have got many talking, per the New York Times. These employees wished to stay anonymous, but offered some details regarding the project, such as the camera that will be used on the glasses and information on a built-in navigation system and the estimated cost being between $250 and $600. They also shared a bit of information that have caught some by surprise: Google plans to release their augmented reality glasses by the end of this year.

Google’s AR eyewear project is ambitious and the company is taking a significant risk in releasing it to the consumer market. In the past, so called “revolutionary” headwear technology has proven to be a bad investment. If Google’s glasses live up to the hype that they are currently generating, this may be one of the first successful pieces of augmented reality equipment there has ever been.

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