Google works with Keynote Systems to gauge the user experience of mobile sites


Google has announced that it has selected the top internet and mobile cloud monitoring and testing company in the world, Keynote Systems, to use its Keynote Mobile Internet Testing Environment (MITE) to take the central place in Google’s free GoMoMeter tool, which is designed to help companies to evaluate how mobile ready their websites are.

MITE from Keynote makes it possible for the GoMoMeter to show companies just how their websites look when consumers view them on their smartphones. MITE also supports the tool’s ability to assign a score for mobile readiness for each site, providing users with results that are near real-time and consistent.

According to senior producer Ryan Harms of Mullen Advertising – the company that created the GoMo website – Keynote was chosen “because of the support of the Keynote team and their core software’s unique ability to address our business case in a cost-effective manner.” He went on to say that the capabilities for mobile device emulation from Keynote allow the service to be exceptionally scalable.

He also pointed out that now that the service is in place, Mullen Advertising believes that the site offering the service will have thousands of visitors and users every day. Harms explained that since a solution that was dependent on the use of an actual mobile phone would have necessitated the physical addition of more phones in order to grow the service, they didn’t feel that a solution based on hardware was adequately scalable to meet the needs of the service and its users.

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