Google releases mobile analytics for apps

Mobile analytics

Mobile analytics

The long awaited reports for smartphone and tablet applications have finally arrived.

Developers and marketers have been waiting for Google to release its mobile analytics for quite some time, and now the internet giant has made to major releases in the form of its app reports and its Android app that provide this vital information.

Last year, Google customers started to spend more time on their smartphone and tablet apps than on the web.

This finally motivated Google to add more money and strength from research and development into its focus on tablets and smartphones. This was also why the Nexus 7 Android tablet and Google Glass came about.

According to its own stats, there are already more than 600,000 apps available on Google Play.

It is only expected that these numbers will continue to rise. However, for this to be able to happen successfully, companies need to be able to use measurement tools with greater sophistication, hence the outcry for the mobile analytics resources that have finally been released.

With mobile analytics, developers and marketers will be able to understand and improve their offerings.

Data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project has shown that nearly half of all adults who own smartphones have apps of some kind on those devices. Similarly, smartphone metrics data from comScore has shown that 44.9 percent of American cell phone subscribers downloaded at least one app onto their devices in the three month period that ended in November 2011. This was an increase of 8 percent over the three month period before that.

The reports are now available in beta and have been created to provide marketers and developers with detailed measures of the entire customer experience, from the point that they first discover the app, to its download, and then the engagement it creates.

According to Google, the mobile analytics reports are one element of a broader “holistic experience tailored for mobile app measurement.” Marketers are already welcome to enroll in the beta testing version of the tool, but the full general availability is expected to be released before the fall of 2012.

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