Google patent reveals augmented reality smartwatch

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Google Smart Watch Augmented Reality

Google may be working on high-tech smartwatch

Google is steeping itself in augmented reality technology. The famed technology company has been hard at work on a variety of projects that concern the use of augmented reality, the most prominent of which is Project Glass. Though Project Glass has managed to acquire the majority of attention being directed at Google, the company has other projects that could change the way people interact with technology and the world around them. A new patent application from Google highlights one such project.

Patent shows smartwatch will use augmented reality

According to the patent, Google is working on a smartwacth, a wrist watch that makes use of much of the same technology that is used in an Android mobile device. This watch is equipped with a transparent, flip-up touchscreen that provides the wearer with control over the watch’s operating system. While such a product would not be the first smartwatch to come to the market, it will likely be the first that makes use of augmented reality.

Users will find information on their surroundings through the use of augmented reality displays

The patent describes a function of the smartwatch that will allow it to virtually see the world around the wearer. Information will be provided to the wearer based on the local data that the watch collects from its surroundings. This information will be given context through the use of augmented reality. Augmented reality displays will provide detailed, digital imagery that is comprised of pertinent information concerning what the user wants to see and what the watch is being pointed at.

Smartwatch may use the augmented reality meant for Project Glass

Google’s smartwatch is meant to function in a similar way to Project Glass. This may be Google’s answer to concerns that Project Glass will not actually have augmented reality capabilities when it is released. The smartwatch has not moved beyond the patent phase, however, so its release into the market is not expected any time soon. It may be a useful tool for consumers in the future, however.

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