Google nearing completion of new augmented reality eyeglasses

Augmented Reality glasses

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As augmented reality grows in popularity, more technology companies are looking into its uses. Google is the latest company to consider adopting augmented reality in a new project that is reminiscent to their popular Google Goggles program. The Google Goggles application is an augmented reality browser that allows users to find virtual information about their environment using the camera of their smart phone. Google may be looking to take this a step further by removing smart phones from the equation entirely.

Last year, Google hinted that they were working on a pair of glasses that incorporated augmented reality. Details were scarce at the time, but according to 9 to 5 Google, a news site devoted to all things Google, the company has been more forthcoming with information in recent months. The company claims that their new eyewear product is currently in the late prototype stages and will look similar to some of the thick-rimmed glasses that “normal people” wear every day.

The glasses will allow wearers to see the world in a new way through the use of augmented reality. Wearers will be able to find a variety of information about their environment, including directions to their favorite stores, and will also be able to interact with these digital displays. The project currently bears the same name as the company’s AR application (Google Goggles) but this will likely change as the project draws closer to completion.

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