Google may soon add M-commerce “Buy” buttons to mobile shopping ads

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This new addition could begin as soon as a matter of weeks from now and could considerably change mobile behaviors.

A rumor that has long existed about m-commerce buttons that would allow mobile device users to be able to click “buy” directly from an ad that they see so that they can purchase what they’re seeing simply by tapping the screen on an advertisement, but now it looks like that could be a reality in the very near future.

This could cause consumers to alter their mobile shopping behaviors just as Amazon steps into ads over this channel.

This could help the search engine giant to present an even larger m-commerce challenge to Amazon, which recently announced its intentions to launch an ad network with app developers in mind. Just as Amazon has started moving into what Google has felt has been its own turf, Google is now moving into Amazon’s traditional space to become a bigger rival. These “buy” buttons could also place the company in direct competition with other giants such as eBay.

The most interesting part of all of this is that this m-commerce move could be only weeks away.

m-commerce google  mobile payments technologyAccording to a report that was made by the Wall Street Journal, based on sources that remained anonymous, one of the retailers that has already been in talks with Google in order to join in on the “buy” button launch is Macy’s.

Beyond the buttons, it has also been suggested that Google has many other plans for mobile shopping ad strategies for smartphone and tablet users. After all, by adding the buttons to the ads through Google, it will eliminate the requirement for an additional middle-man for the transaction. It will simply allow the purchase to be made right through the search engine and its ads.

Rumors of this direction have faced a great deal of controversy. Many retailers have expressed that if Google steps into the actual purchasing process, it will work against their ability to develop relationships with their customers and will provide Google with valuable sales data access.

Using the “buy” button to purchase something through Google’s m-commerce will bring the shopper directly to a special landing page in which the search engine giant will provide all of the purchasing options (such as color, size, etc). From there, the retailer itself handles shipping and processing.

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