Google may be working on a new augmented reality product called “Goggles”

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Augmented Reality
Google has been working on developing new augmented reality eyeglasses that could change the way people see the world. Little is known about the technology company’s efforts, but 9to5Google, a company specializing in all things Google, claims that the new development will be markedly different from augmented reality headsets of the past. According to the company, Google’s new glasses will be lightweight and product that has a plethora of built-in features.

Dubbed Google Goggles, the eyeglasses are expected to make use of augmented reality technology. Wearers will be able to access a wealth of virtual information while using the glasses, such as where to find local sales and directions to local attractions. The glasses may also have a built-in GPS system that will make it easier for wearers to navigate unfamiliar environs. 9to5Google claims that the company has procured talent from Nokia, Apple, and engineering universities to help build the new product.

Google has shown interest in augmented reality, but has not unveiled any plans to make an AR headset. At present, Google claims that the Goggles project is nothing more than wishful thinking from those wishing to see the company produce a major augmented reality product. With companies like Apple and Nokia developing their own AR products, however, it is likely that Google will soon join the fray and attempt to establish itself as a leader in the emerging augmented reality market.

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