Google Glass wearers could soon be dancing

Google Glass augmented reality games and phone technology

Recent media reports have said that these augmented reality glasses will soon come with tech to teach dance moves.

It may be true that Google Glass was shut down and tossed onto the back burner, not too long ago, but recent reports are suggesting that this wearable technology is far from finished, as it may soon have a new feature available that will teach its users to dance in real time.

The AR glasses will soon be bringing a concept similar to “Dance Dance Revolution” to its offerings.

The report of the digital dance class over Google Glass was first made by Tech Times. The idea behind the feature will be that the headset will detect the rhythm and beats of a song that is playing, and will recommend various dance moves in real time to the wearer. In March, the company received a patent that directly indicated that this type of tech was in development. According to a copy of the patent for the augmented reality glasses, “The content identification module may provide information associated with a content of the media sample, such as identification of the song and the dance, to the wearable computing system.”

The patent also said that the “wearable computing system” (Google Glass) would then determine the appropriate dance steps.

Google Glass augmented reality games and phone technologyIt said that the dance steps would then be displayed on the HMD (head mounted display) so that the wearer would be able to see them. The interpretation of this patent by media reports is that Google’s own headset will soon be able to determine what song is playing near the wearer, and then provide that individual with suggested dance moves from a vast library of moves that are stored within its database.

The wearables could also display an image of other people who are dancing to the same song using the suggested moves, so that the wearer will be better able to understand what is being recommended to him or her.

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, in which he stated that there was a “triumphant return” on the way for Google Glass. This new patent helps to support at least the “return” part of that announcement.

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