Google Glass is headed to the International Space Station today

International Space Station Google Glass

These augmented reality wearable technology devices have received mixed reviews on Earth, now they will try space.

Among the latest technology news regarding Google Glass is the fact that it is being blasted into space today, sending it to the International Space Station as a part of a broader mission starting in the Kennedy Space Center located in Florida.

The purpose of the mission involves the study of certain functions of flatworms within the outer space environment.

Kentucky Space, a nonprofit organization, is taking part in a mission as a component of a launch that will be held today by SpaceX from the Kennedy Space Center. While the actual mission has to do with sending flatworms into space so that they can be studied in terms of their ability to regenerate within the outer space “microgravity environment”, it will also be looking into other types of analysis, such as molecular genetics. What is interesting the mobile technology world, however, is that Google Glass is headed up there alongside the flat worms, for its first trip into space.

Google Glass will be tested in space as a part of the overall mission related to today’s trip to the International Space Station.

International Space Station Google GlassThe wearable technology is going to be tested in order to take a closer look at the way that this augmented reality tool can be integrated pre-flight and applied to operations occurring post-flight. This Is a part of a broader process that is designed to better understand the way in which the mobile device can be used as an interface with Kentucky Space technology. It will also be a part of overall 2015 experiments that will occur on the International Space Station.

Beyond the Google technology, Kentucky Space is also working with a Glass at Work Certified Partner called Interapt in order to carry out this unique wearable tech project. According to KS, the mission is going to continue from today through mid January.

This is not the only Google Glass project with which Interapt has participated since it joined the Glass at Work partners two months ago. It has already been working with KFC and Taco Bell in order to incorporate these devices into the training process for employees.

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