Google Glass app from Jaguar displays augmented reality print ads

jaguar google glass mobile marketing augmented reality

This advertising design brings mobile marketing to an entirely new and interactive level.

Jaguar has taken its new print ad campaign to an entirely new level through augmented reality and its app for Google Glass, cleverly encouraging consumers to interact with the experience of its villain-themed mobile marketing campaign.

The brand has linked its ads from a range of different magazines through the Blippar app for various mobile devices.

When using the Google Glass, smartphone, or tablet version of the Blippar app with the Jaguar ads in GQ, Wired, Condé Nast Traveler, and Condé Nast Vanity Fair magazines, the digital content comes to life before the eyes of the device user. The mobile app is a part of the “British Intelligence” campaign through Jaguar, which rolled out in October, and that has been building on its “Villains’ Lair” strategy that first rolled out during the last Super Bowl.

By adapting these ads to Google Glass, the augmented reality experience has evolved considerably.

According to the Jaguar North America communications manager, Joe Torpey, “As we moved from British Villains into British Intelligence, one of the things we heard from consumers and social media was that there was a strong desire to see more, to learn more.” He went on to add that “From a marketing perspective, it’s a great opportunity to start to tell the story about the brand, to really showcase the innovation and technology behind Jaguar.”

In order to be able to use the augmented reality features of the print ads, a mobile device user must first download the Blippar app. That allows them to use a smartphone, tablet, or the AR glasses to be able to trigger the augmented reality components of the ad. This gives device users the chance to tour the home of the latest villain to work with the brand, who is brought to life by actor Nicholas Hoult.

The app draws together extended commercials, web video, a photo gallery, and a peek inside the Jaguar XJ model. Though the content is comparable from one device to the next, wearers of Google Glass will obtain a better experience with respect to certain aspects such as viewing the interior of the car, due to the built-in gyroscope sensor that allows the view of the wearer to change based on the position of his or her head.

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