Google begins testing new feature for its augmented reality glasses

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

AR glasses can be controlled with a simple glance

Google has been testing a new feature for its augmented reality glasses. The hype around Google Glass has begun to dissipate somewhat, but Google has been introducing new features to Glass on a regular basis. The company has yet to announce any official release date for its AR glasses, but there are several hundred of these products currently being used by developers and those in the tech industry. Google has been working on introducing new features that highlight convenience over novelty recently.

Feature aims to bring more convenience to Glass

The new feature that Google is currently testing allows Glass users to respond to messages and alerts with a simple glance. In the past, Glass users would have to use head gestures or a touchpad in order to respond to alerts, such as answering a phone call or text message. The idea of the new feature is to promote convenience and make Glass less of a burden for those using it on a regular basis. This feature may have more use beyond answering messages, of course, as it could also play upon the device’s augmented reality capabilities.

Glass’ AR potential is still not wholly understood

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technologyTo what extent Glass will leverage augmented reality is not yet known. Google has been somewhat indecisive with its support of AR over the past few years. Initially, the company had promoted the devices AR capabilities quite heavily, but it had also suggested that Glass would not have any significant support for AR. This stance again changed with Google noting that only third-party augmented reality services and applications would be supported, rather than the company developing its own AR apps.

Glance feature could make it into the final release of Glass

The new glance feature could be used quite extensively by AR apps, as it would offer a way to interact with augmented reality content in a new way. A simple glance could activate new interactive content or execute a variety of commands that AR apps have at their disposal. Whether or not the glance feature will be included in the final release of Glass will largely depend on whether or not Google can get the feature to work properly.

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