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Google augmented reality goal is “100 million” devices before next spring

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The search engine giant is geared up to bring an AR technology to millions of devices throughout the winter.

A recent Google augmented reality announcement revealed the search engine giant has plans to rival Apple in the AR technology sphere. The reason is that its future upcoming platform that will make it possible for Android phone users to use AR apps without hardware changes.

Apple has been working on its own iOS update which will include a push toward augmented reality use.

At the same time, a Google augmented reality plan has been in the works. If everything goes as planned, it will mean that millions upon millions of Android phone owners will be using augmented reality apps by 2018. This, according to an official Google software development kit (SDK) preview release. The SDK is called ARCore. It is meant to help app developers to create AR apps that work on all existing and upcoming Android versions.

The opportunity for Google augmented reality apps is virtually endless as developers continually come up with new ideas.

smartphone Google augmented realityThe potential for augmented reality apps goes well beyond the tremendously popular Pokémon Go craze from 2016. They can provide applications that are everything from entertaining to highly practical. For instance, a virtual tape measure allows a smartphone user to unroll a digital measuring tape onto a table in reality, discovering its dimensions without having to carry the actual tool with them.

Home decorating can become easier as people can preview the way artwork, decorations, paint colors and even furniture might look in their homes. There are even some early apps that allow people to try on clothing without having to get changed.

While augmented reality game apps have been among the AR technology uses that have gained the most media attention, it goes much further than that. Even complex tasks such as engine repairs can become easier with instructions overlayed on top of the actual engine for the mechanic to follow.

The Google augmented reality platform aims to reach 100 million Android devices by early next year, without first requiring consumers to upgrade their phones.

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