Google Announces Instant Pages for Consumer Search Engine Queries


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The internet marketing industry’s latest news has come from the Inside Search event held by Google, where the search engine giant made a number of announcements regarding Instant Pages and the latest issues that will impact the ways in which consumers will be using Google in order to perform a query.  

Instant Pages is now being offered by Google to allow users to obtain access to information instantaneously before the links have been clicked.  This tool is designed to add to the rewards of those websites who have worked to achieve the top SEO rankings, as only the top result is pre-loaded for the search engine user. 

Also announced by Google at the event was the Search by Image and Voice Search features that have become available to desktop and laptop users of the search engine.  Internet Marketers are now starting to scramble to develop new SEO strategies to be able to maintain the favor of their sites in the rankings.  The purpose of these tools is to make it simpler for consumers to use more complex or longtail queries. 

Another of the features launched at the event was one that will be assisting iPhone and Android users through the use of the Google build-a-query tool that has been developed for searches using complex phrases through the use of those devices.  This came on the heels of a number of other mobile search tool unveilings at the event, which underlined the importance of mobile searches as they are never ending, since their users have internet-ready devices easily accessible at almost all times.

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