Geolocation delivery promoted by McDonald’s to encourage mobile app use

Geolocation delivery - McDonald's Restaurant Sign

McDonald’s Sweden introduces a mobile marketing campaign involving QR codes.

In order to encourage mobile use among its customers, McDonald’s Sweden launched a geolocation delivery marketing campaign. The campaign saw the fast food company give out free limited-edition picnic blankets that featured a QR (quick response) code. The code let people place food delivery orders from their phone.

Consumers had their food delivered to the blanket’s location.

More specifically, the way it works is users in Sweden who have the blanket can use the McDonald’s mobile app to place an order.

Once they have completed their order, customers simply scan the QR code on the blanket and their geographic location is sent to the food delivery service (e.g. Uber Eats) of their choosing. This alerts the nearest McDonald’s to their location, which fulfills the order and delivers it to the blanket’s location.

McDonald’s Sweden featured the offer for the QR code blanket via its social media networks to bolster mobile app usage and location-specific services. The geolocation delivery initiative, was introduced via the company’s Sweden Instagram.

McDonald’s geolocation delivery campaign is part of its shift to deliver customers a more personalized experience.

The location-based marketing initiative reportedly follows McDonald’s announcements of investing in tech company Plexure and acquiring Dynamic Yield, a logic technology company that will play an integral role in advancing the brand’s ability to personalize customer experience.

“Across all of our markets, we’re using technology to elevate and transform the McDonald’s customer experience,” said Steve Easterbrook, president and CEO of McDonald’s, in a company press release, reports a.list.

“Our mobile apps play a key role in our digital acceleration, allowing customers to interact with us on their terms in a personal, customized way. This investment is a testament to our belief in Plexure’s ability to deliver strong results for our business as well as the talent and technology they’ve cultivated.”

Plexure powers a version of the popular fast food chain’s global mobile app in 48 countries beyond the US. It’s acquisition of Dynamic Yield will help McDonald’s reach its goal. Using Dynamic Yield’s technology, the company plans to transform its digital drive through menus by integrating decision technology into the customer point of sale.

This unique decision tech will lead to drive thru menus displaying different food items based on the time Geolocation delivery - McDonald's Restaurant Signof day, weather and tending menu items. This along with geolocation delivery tech will help the company further personalize the customer experience.

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