Google Gemini generative AI now available through any Android device

Generative AI - Android Device

The tech giant has rolled out the new artificial intelligence features for Android users.

Google has announced that it is rolling out Android device features that include additional ways to interact with the Gemini generative AI.

The mobile operating system is growing artificial intelligence features

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, where Google had a booth, it announced that it was rolling out new ways for users to interact with the Gemini generative AI within their devices, including in Google Messages.  In this way, users will be able to message with the artificial intelligence as though it were another friend on their contact list.

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The company began rolling out access to Gemini in the last week of February.  No installation of an additional app is necessary to use the artificial intelligence feature.

Generative AI for everyone

Even users without any intention of interacting with Gemini will have more artificial intelligence features available to them in their Android devices. Drivers can benefit from its incorporation into their smartphones in Google Messages because it will be able to translate long and complex texts and complicated group chats into straightforward summaries.

It is also possible for the feature to talk the user through potential responses to the texts and can help in completing other tasks as well while the driver remains focused on the road.

Low-vision users

Part of the benefit of the generative AI features is for low-vision and blind users. Beyond being able to interact with texts, the feature will also provide auto-generated artificial intelligence descriptions of images and pictures received through the Google Messages app.

Moreover, it will provide enhanced screen reader support in Maps for Lens. This means that a user can point the augmented reality (AR) camera at a store or building, for instance, and the TalkBack feature will describe it out loud in addition to sharing its Google Maps entry.

Generative AI for Android watch wearers

Wearers of Android watches will also have access to some of the generative AI features. This will be a part of the many updates that have been rolled out to the Wear OS.  This will help make it possible for wearers to access passes, tickets, and other contents of a Google Wallet, all through a device worn on the wrist. Furthermore, the device will be able to provide transit directions, making it easier for public transit users to know which bus or train to take next.

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