Gartner report highlights the potential of emerging technologies

Technology News

Technology News

Gartner examines the impact new technologies may have on the world

Gartner Inc., a leading technology and market research firm, has released a new report that examines emerging technology and how it may affect the future. The report, titled “2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies,” draws attention to innovations that are occurring in the world of technology. Activity streams, Internet TV, cloud computing, and NFC technology are all examined by the report and each is expected to have an indelible impact on consumers.

Technologies reaching their tipping point in various industries

Since last year’s Hype Cycle report, these technologies have made serious progress. This is especially true for NFC technology, which has powered mobile commerce over the past few years. The theme of this year’s report is “tipping points,” according to Hung LeHong, research vice president with Gartner. The report suggests that NFC technology has reached this perceived tipping point and will become an influential technology in the near future.

NFC technology beginning to break free from mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is the primary use of NFC technology currently. NFC has made it possible for mobile devices to be used as payment platforms, giving consumers access to a more convenient way to make purchases. NFC is not limited to mobile commerce, however, and has seen limited use in the realm of advertising. As more companies and intrepid individuals begin pushing the boundaries of NFC technology, they are finding it to be a powerful tool for data transmission and even identification.

Gartner highlights the possibility of hybridization

Gartner’s report aims to examine the merits and trends that are seen in each of the technologies included therein. The firm does highlight the possibility of these technologies being combined with one another, suggesting that hybridization could lead to innovation. Gartner claims that the technologies included in its report are reaching the point where they can be considered mature. When these technologies reach maturity, their impact on their particular industries and markets is expected to increase.

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