Gadgets from Samsung just keep coming, with glasses patents filed

Augmented Reality Glasses - AR and Education

It has been suggested that Google Glass may soon have a rival with these smartphone linked wearables.

Samsung Electronics Co. has filed a patent that has revealed that it is looking into wearable gadgets other than the Galaxy Gear that it has already announced, such as its smartwatch.

Now it looks as though a device that it is calling its sports glasses will soon be the latest wearable product.

These sports glasses may soon provide this manufacturer’s response to the internet connected glasses from Google, called Glass. The reason that this is being suspected, is that the Korean Intellectual Property Office has received a design patent filing for these types of gadgets. The device would be glasses that are connected to smartphones and that can display information on the eyewear from the handset.

Augmented reality glassesThese gadgets will be glasses with a thumbnail sized display over the left leans of the device.

These gadgets are similar in concept to Google Glass, although their display is over the right lens and reveals images, information, and websites. What isn’t yet known about the Samsung version is whether it is also similar to Google’s product in that it would have a camera and touch control. It also isn’t known from the design whether or not it would be able to connect directly to the mobile internet, or whether it would simply be an accessory for smartphones.

Both the description of the product and the name that it has been assigned indicate that these Samsung gadgets are meant for sports or at least outdoor activities. At the time that this news was written, Samsung was had not yet responded to requests for a comment.

Google Inc. has been working on its own wearable gadgets for some time now, and is already testing an early Google Glass version. There are currently 10,000 test owners in the United States, having given the world the very first look at these wearable mobile devices as of June 2012. These earliest models of the devices are capable of functioning without a smartphone to navigate maps, take pictures, as well as to record video.

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