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Gadgets from Nokia use lightning to charge a smartphone

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The device manufacturer has partnered with University of Southampton scientists for this tech.

Nokia has partnered up with scientists working at the University of Southampton in order to discover a way in which to harness the power from lightening in order to be able to use it to charge gadgets such as smartphones and other mobile devices.

This research is meant to be able to use the virtually never ending energy reserves from nature.

Lightning is naturally occurring and the raw energy holds a great deal of potential in terms of its ability to be used for commercial purposes as well as new ways that have been unexplored such as recharging batteries from gadgets. This may help to solve a number of challenges faced by the mobile device industry.

The scientists have been experimenting with a number of gadgets for devices with this goal in mind.

For instance, the researchers have started an experiment that works with a gadget so that a 200 kV charge is sent by way of a gap, where it is then discharged by way of a transformer, through which the energy is then sent into a Nokia Lumia 925. This energy was able to successfully charge the battery of the smartphone device.

According to a Southampton University scientist, Neil Palmer, from the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory “This is the first step into understanding the power of natural lightning and being able to harness its energy.” This will be an important forward movement for science, in general, in being able to harness the raw power that is held in lightning, in order to use it to be able to provide electricity such as in the case of charging mobile gadgets.

This is not the first time that Nokia has worked with the university for the purpose of being able to encourage some open innovation that is unlike anything else that has ever been developed. Moreover, it hasn’t just been the University of Southampton, with which Nokia has worked in order to develop better gadgets and technology. It has also worked with universities in China and in Finland in order to innovate in the field of telecommunications.

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