French startup combines Microsoft’s Kinect with augmented reality

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Kinect continues to be a popular platform for AR developers

Microsoft’s Kinect has been a popular tool for augmented reality developers. The system was developed to build upon the momentum that motion sensing technology had achieved in the game industry, an initiative that has been somewhat successful. The Kinect can track a person’s movements and translate those motions into commands for a game or other software. The system has proven particularly popular for augmented reality, which relied heavily on motion capture to create interactive experiences.

Technology company develops augmented reality system for home design

Manctl, a technology startup based in France, has chosen the Kinect as the platform for its first augmented reality product, called Skanect. The Skanect system is meant to provide users with access to a full-color 3D model of a house, which is fully interactive. The idea behind the system is to allow those making renovations to their homes or planning to build new properties to visualize their project before beginning the endeavor. Manctl believes that the augmented reality system can provide serious benefits for those interested in design.

Skanect capable of creating 3D images from from the real world

The images created by Skanect are fully interactive. The Kinect will scan anything that is in a room and supplant it into the 3D imagery created by Skanect. Currently, the system is only capable of scanning furniture and other such objects, but Manctl is working on new scanners that will allow the Kinect to scan and implement 3D models of people into Skanect’s images. The Kinect is already capable of recognizing the movements of the human body, but tweaks to the system’s technology are needed in order for digital representations of people to be embedded in virtual imagery.

Practical augmented reality gaining more attention

Practical uses for augmented reality are somewhat rare. The technology has become popular for its uses in marketing and entertainment, two fields in which augmented reality has excelled. As augmented reality becomes more popular, however, the practical uses of the technology are becoming more apparent. Manctl believes that it can bring more practicality to augmented reality with its Skanect product.

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