France’s SNCF trains feature QR codes for reporting problems

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The French national railway company has added the quick response codes on its C and J lines.

The national train system in France, the SNCF (which stands for Société national des chemin de fer français) has now added a new way for riders to be able to take part in keeping their journeys as pleasant as possible, through the addition of QR codes.

These quick response codes are meant to be scanned to report issues with cleanliness or malfunctions.

The addition of the QR codes has occurred on the C and J lines following the success of the program on the D and R lines. The barcodes are posted as stickers on various parts of the interiors of the train cars. This allows riders to be able to use their smartphones to scan them using any free reader app. From there, they can share information with the SNCF with regards to any issues regarding cleanliness or the function of their train car.

The hope is to be able to identify cleanliness and malfunction issues more quickly so they can be corrected.

teen mobile texting train bus qr codesBy scanning the QRcode, a passenger begins to play a role in the comfort and improved nature of their travels along the C and J lines through the completion of a basic online form to which they are automatically directed. They number of the train and of the car are both automatically filled into the form as they are registered in the barcodes that are unique to that location. The only part the rider needs to complete is with regards to the nature of the report.

The system has also made it possible to add a photo to the comment that is being left, so that less description will need to be typed. In this way, spills, vandalism, dirt, or broken features of the train can all be rapidly identified and repaired or cleaned as needed.

The information that is issued through the form from the QR codes is sent to an employee who will dispatch the appropriate teams for cleaning and maintenance of the train car so that the situation will not be left unnoticed by SNCF employees for as long.

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