Fox Searchlight Pictures releases new film trailers via QR codes

QR Code Movie Trailer

QR Code Movie Trailer
The film industry is beginning to see promise in the use of QR codes. Fox Searchlight Pictures, the film division of Fox Filmed Entertainment, is taking a new approach to using the codes. Traditionally, QR codes are used to distribute information or offer consumers some kind of discount. Fox, however, is leveraging the codes in a new promotional campaign for the upcoming film Martha Marcy May Marlene. The campaign will see the codes used to distribute trailers for the movie, marking the first time movie trailers have been distributed in such a way in the U.S.

The studio is plastering QR codes on a vast array of printed marketing materials such as posters, theater standees and disposable coasters. The campaign is confined to two cities, New York City and Los Angeles, but the trailers the codes are linked to can be viewed online. There are two versions of the code, each linked to differing trailers.

While this may be the first time movie trailers have been released via QR codes in the U.S., full movies have been made available by scanning the codes in South Korea. South Korea’s use of the codes is centered on an entirely electronic film festival, which uses the codes as the primary medium of sharing films. Despite not being the first, Fox is sure to find success with their campaign and may look to expand their use of QR codes in the future.

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