Forrester Research outlines mobile behaviors of Australians

Australia Mobile Commerce
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Australia Mobile Commerce
Forrester has released the results of its most recent research which shined some light on the mobile behaviors of Australian consumers, and outlined the primary usage segments that will allow businesses to get the most out of their mobile marketing and m-commerce.

The report containing the results was entitled “Mobile Telegraphics: Australian Online Shoppers” and it both identified the kind of mobile consumers in the country and made suggestions for companies who would use this information to improve their mobile campaigns.

Among the mobile trends highlighted in the document are:

• 49 percent of adults in Australia who both own a mobile phone and also shop for footwear, clothing, or accessories also fall into the “Entertainment” category at Forrester, meaning that they purchase apps, content, or other personalized entertainment services on those devices at least once per week.

• 84 percent of adults in Australia who own a mobile phone use their devices for purposes other than voice communication, with alternative uses ranging from watching videos to SMS.

• 38 percent of adults in Australia with mobile phones and who also shop online on a regular basis for computer software, hardware, and accessories, also fall into the “Connectors” category at Forrester, meaning that they use their device for email at least one time per month, or they use another form of productivity or efficiency app, such as a mapping application.

Steven Noble, a senior analyst at Forrester, said that while mobile has been considered by retailers to be something with potential, but that can be delayed for a number of reasons, “now is the time for mobile.”

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