Threads users underwhelmed by Follows tab update

Threads Follows tab underwhelming

The app’s first update looked like a useful tool but ended up disappointing many of its users.

The first significant update to the Threads app is a new Follows tab, which at first looked as though it would be something quite appealing to users but ended up being a letdown to many.

The update merely provided users with a filter allowing them to be able to see all their new followers.

When users first saw the new Follows tab update, many had assumed that it would provide a much wanted follows-only feed. Many users have been asking for this option since news of the app first hit – even before it was released. That said, despite its name, the tab doesn’t provide a feed comprising only posts from the accounts followed by the user. Instead, it is a filter to see new followers of the account.

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The new Follows tab is located on the activity page of the Threads app. It lets users view a list of the other users who have recently followed. Those new followers had previously been listed in the “all” tab of the activity page. The other filters available on the activity page are Quotes and Reposts. These allow users to filter their recent activity based on who quoted them or reposted a thread.

An upcoming Threads update is expected to create more interest than the new Follows tab.

Unlike the disappointing Follows tab, there are upcoming updates that are expected to be much more exciting to many users. Among them, translations will be near the top of the list, particularly for users who follow accounts posting in another language.

The translation feature is expected to appear at the bottom of a post, near the other buttons such as reply, like, repost and share.

Other small changes expected to come to the Threads app include the ability to receive notifications from users that an account doesn’t follow. There will also be improvements made to activity feed scrolling, and users will have the option to follow people through the replies section of a post.

According to several media reports, many of these updates are already rolling out, but it isn’t uncommon for users to fail to see them util they restart the Threads app or wait until the next day. Specifically when the changes will come to Android has not been officially announced.

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