Fledgling Crane 3D aims to make marketing more interactive with augmented reality

Augmented Reality Example

Augmented Reality Example
As augmented reality continues to grow in fame around the world, an ambitious new company in the UK is looking to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in the emerging AR industry. Crane 3D, a fledgling 3D graphics and augmented reality company, aims to change the way consumers experience everyday advertisements by enhancing them with new technology. In marketing, augmented reality is on its way to becoming a major trend. The trend is not likely to fade away any time soon, as more consumers get their hands on smart phones.

Crane 3D believes that the technology may be the future of marketing in the UK – indeed, even the world. The technology allows companies to create new experiences for consumers that can be fully interactive or, at the very least, immersive. Consumers need only to download an augmented reality application for their smart phone, which will allow them to engage in these new experiences.

The augmented reality sector may soon experience its own gold rush, as the market is expected to be worth approximately $1.5 billion within the next four years. Companies like Crane 3D are well poised to break into the industry, as the market has yet to reach saturation. The momentum that companies can generate now may translate into later success as consumers begin to engage in augmented reality marketing.

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