First responders receive wearable technology accelerator boost

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The Department of Homeland Security is moving closer to launching wearables for first responders.

TechNexus has now released an announcement that has revealed that it has chosen thirteen different companies for participation in the DHS EMERGE! Program, which has been created in order to boost the rate of development of hardware and wearable technology when it comes to first responders.

This group of people includes a range of different types of position, from emergency medical techs to law enforcement.

TechNexus is one among the two different accelerators that were selected by the Department of Homeland Security and the Center for Innovative Technology, for the purpose of assisting entrepreneurs in the development and rollout of their wearable technology ideas. The focus is on investable companies which are assisted through the offering of early market validation, as well as private investment access, and mentoring.

There are a number among the selected businesses that have been chosen specifically for their wearable technology.

medical mobile wearable technology healthSeveral of the selected have come up with various types of wearables that make it possible to interact and communicate with other types of devices, to collect ambient energy in order to actually recharge and power up equipment, that function as sensors or networks, and that can even help to monitor and track the health of the individual first responder him or herself. Moreover, some of them have also been created in order to offer those emergency workers accurate indoor mapping information.

The finalists who have been chosen by TechNexus are now working together and are working alongside certain corporate participants that may one day become partners or investors on some level, in order to further support the businesses and their projects.

The thirteen chosen companies will be in San Francisco on September 23 in order to demo the wearable technology innovations that they have been pursuing and that they have already created. This will help to provide a much clearer idea of the type of tech that has already been created and that may one day become a regular and integral part of the equipment that is used by emergency responders.

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