FedEx releases expansions to mobile suite app for simplified shipping from busy customers

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce
FedEx Corp., has announced the release of an expansion to their mobile app suite that offers customers a series of enhancements to its tools and features in order to help customers to ship their holiday packages at the last moment when they’re on the go.

Furthermore, the FedEx Mobile website has now been broadened to include 206 countries and is available in 25 different languages in order to meet the requirements of its worldwide shipping customers. The app is also now available to both Android and iPad-based device users.

Now that FedEx has implemented these new additions, the company has provided a number of important enhancements to its mobile solutions suite, which already includes an optimized smartphone web experience, Mobile Shipping Label, and apps available for iPod touch, iPhone, and Blackberry smartphone devices.

According to the FedEx executive vice president of Market Development, T. Michael Glenn, there is a continual evolution in the way that customers work and FedEx is dedicated to keeping up with these changes in order to provide the type of interaction that works best.

He explained that FedEx customers have been requesting a shipping method through the company that will be simpler and more convenient, and that it believes that these additions to its mobile services are solutions for that need.

Glenn also said that these latest expansions are only the most recent in a number of mobile and web-based solutions that have been made by the company “that enable our customers to stay connected and efficient while on the road, particularly during the busy holiday season.”

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