Facebook finds success through as stronger focus on mobile marketing

Facebook social media mobile marketing buy button

Facebook sees the majority of its marketing revenue come from the mobile space

Facebook is finding a great deal of success thanks to a stronger focus on the mobile space. The social media company has announced that it has made more than $5.4 billion in revenue during the second quarter of this year, a 61% increase over the same period of 2013. Advertising accounted for $2.68 billion of this revenue, with mobile advertising accounting for 62% of this revenue. The company is quickly on its way to becoming a very powerful figure in mobile marketing.

Mobile ads are becoming more important as consumers use their smartphones more

Mobile marketing has become quite important thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Consumers are becoming more mobile and their attention is beginning to grow quite limited. People are responding well to ads that are specifically designed for the mobile space, and these ads are right at home on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile marketing may be the key to successful monetization

Facebook social media mobile marketing buy buttonSocial media companies have been trying to monetize themselves by breaking into mobile marketing for some time. This has proven to be a difficult endeavor, however, because companies are still having trouble understanding how to market to consumers that primarily use mobile devices. Facebook has been testing a variety of services that cater to advertisers, using its access to consumer data to better understand how people are using its platform and whether or not they are accessing it through a mobile device.

More people are beginning to use Facebook, taking advantage of the platform’s services

According to Facebook, there are more than 654 million people that access its social network on a daily basis. A growing number of people are flocking to Facebook and the platform is becoming more attractive as it introduces new services that have value to mobile consumers. Facebook recently began testing a new “Buy” service that allows users to purchase products in an efficient way. This feature also has a great deal of marketing potential, as it can also be used as a call to action, encouraging consumers to purchase products.

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