Facebook continues with its mobile commerce initiatives

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WhatsApp will be integrated into Facebook mobile app

Facebook will be integrating WhatsApp into its mobile application for Android devices. WhatsApp is a mobile messaging platform that Facebook acquired for $1 billion in 2014. The social media company has been showing more interest in the mobile space, establishing itself as a leader therein and taking note of the growing popularity of mobile commerce. WhatsApp integration is meant to augment Facebook’s other mobile initiatives, including a plan to launch a new service that will allow users to send money to one another.

Mobile commerce continues to collide with the world of social media

facebook lite mobile commerce appMobile commerce and social media are becoming more closely involved. Consumers have long enjoyed shopping online and the advent of mobile devices has made it easier for people to shop from wherever they are. Social media has played a role in influencing consumer purchase decisions and has helped businesses connect with potential customers in a more effective way. As these businesses have become more competent with mobile commerce, new opportunities have been emerging for them, some of which can be seen in the social media space.

Facebook plans to release a new mobile commerce service in the near future

Facebook plans to introduce a new feature that will allow users of its mobile application to send and receive money. This will be Facebook’s first real step into the mobile commerce space, where competition is becoming more fierce. Companies like Twitter have already broken into the mobile commerce world, where they have managed to find modest success. Facebook aims to add a service that will be valuable to consumers, but there is no telling whether or not such a service will find the success that Facebook wants to see.

Social commerce is on the rise

Social commerce is likely to become a larger phenomenon in the coming years. Companies like Facebook and Twitter may opt to establish a stronger presence in the mobile commerce field. The demand for new mobile commerce services has been growing among consumers, which could be a promising opportunity for social media companies that want to engage mobile consumers more effectively.

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