Facebook begins testing new mobile marketing platform

Facebook mobile social media marketing

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Ad program targets developers of mobile applications

Since going public earlier this year, Facebook has been faced with several challenges in terms of stocks and revenue. The company is currently in need of increasing its revenue generation significantly, which means that it is beginning to focus more on its mobile strategy. The social network is beginning to focus more on its use of mobile advertisements for developers of applications. The company is currently testing a new ad program for developers, which will enable them to target a wider audience while providing Facebook with increased revenue potential.

Facebook expects the program to be a major success with consumers and developers

The ad program will focus on iOS and Android developers. The program will allow these developers to reach out to the massive Facebook community through the use of advertisements. When Facebook users click on the advertisements, they are taken to either Apple’s App Store or Google Play to download the mobile application that is being marketed. Facebook believes that the program will be a welcome feature for app developers because it will give them a dynamic way to reach out to new consumers.

Mobile marketing trends may derail Facebook’s expectations

Though Facebook expects that its new venture will lead to a significant boost in revenue, it is impossible to tell for certain. The new advertising platform is likely to be a popular tool for developers, but trends in the mobile application market could mean that Facebook will only see marginal returns on its investment in this new venture. Nonetheless, the social network is holding out hope that the platform will be a success for both itself and mobile app developers.

Engaging consumers efficiently proving to be tricky for social networks

Mobile marketing is beginning to play a more important role in social networking. Companies like Facebook and Twitter are ideally positioned to engage a large consumer base that accesses these social networks via their mobile devices. Mobile consumers have already shown their willingness to interact with mobile marketing campaigns, but finding an efficient and cost effective way to engage these consumers has been a complicated endeavor.

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