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Facebook Changes
Over the last few weeks, the Facebook social networking platform has made the most aggressive changes in its history.

It now offers its users features such as the Ticker, which is a real-time news feed of a user’s “friend” activity. Similarly, the Timeline feature was added last week in order to make it easier for users to access their older posts.

There has been a significant amount of misunderstanding about the changes that have been made. Some of the clarifications that may be necessary include the following:

• The Ticker isn’t providing users with any new information about their friends activities, but is simply displaying them in a way that is easier to access, without making the users have to seek the information out.

• Every time a user makes a post on a fan page, this will appear on the Tickers of all of the user’s friends.

• The security level of a wall can be checked before a comment is left by hovering the curser over the small icon under the item. This will show the user who is able to read the post. A globe means that it’s public, but there are also icons for customizing who can view posts.

• When commenting on a public post, updates will be sent to the Tickers of everyone on the user’s friend list, so security checks and changes should be made before the post is left.

• A user’s own activity will not be posted in his or her Ticker.

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