European market for mobile health led by Denmark

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The mhealth marketplace is growing all over the world, but at the moment, some nations lead over others.

A report that has recently been released by Research2Guidance has shown that the mobile health market is going to be continuing a considerable expansion and growth worldwide over the next several years.

In fact, by 2019, the firm predicts that this marketplace will have reached a substantial $32 billion.

While the United States has been an important leader in the adoption of mobile health, in Europe, Denmark has proven to be the leader in that market. This, according to a survey published by Research2Guidance in the 2015 mHealth App Developer Economics study. That research was the largest conducted on mobile health completed by the firm and HIMSS. What it determined was that among 25 countries throughout Europe, it was Denmark that was the leader in this area.

At the moment, these mobile health adoption results are considered to be only preliminary.

mobile health app newsThat said, at the same time, they also provide some important insight into the trends that are being witnessed in Europe with regards to the integration of mhealth apps and understanding the readiness of various European markets.

The research being conducted by the firm is working to determine which among the nations continue to have barriers in the adoption of these mobile apps. It is also looking into the various regions that are better prepared for this tech market as well as the countries that are perfect for the developers of these applications.

The primary focus of the research was on six different components of readiness among European countries. They included: eHealth adoption, market potential, rate of digital integration, developer index, efficiency and ease of developing a business, and the regulations with regards to mhealth devices and technologies.

Following Demark in the top position for mobile health adoption, the other leading nations included: Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Portugal, Germany, and France. Among the countries with the top patient engagement with mhealth tools and apps, the leaders were Finland, Spain, and Denmark; each of which had similar rates to the rest.

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