Eisenhower monument to make use of augmented reality technology

President Dwight D. Eisenhower official portrait

President Dwight D. Eisenhower official portrait

Eisenhower monument construction delayed due to plans to use augmented reality

Plans to construct a national memorial honoring President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Washington, D.C.., have been mired in controversy for some time, but the memorial’s planners are moving ahead with an idea that will make the monument more relevant to a tech-savvy generation. The construction of the monument has been delayed for several months due to controversy concerning its design, which was developed by famous architect Franks Gehry. A congressional commission has been tasked with building a virtual version of the monument to show off its features using augmented reality.

Congressional commission aims to construct e-memorial

The monument, regularly referred to as the “e-memorial,” will be equipped with augmented reality technology. The e-memorial will showcase what the monument would look like in the physical world and allow people to experience its features in a virtual setting. Using an application, smart phone users will be able to access the digital content embedded in the e-memorial. The Eisenhower Memorial Commission, which is in charge of the development of the memorial, notes that the presidential memorial is the first to make use of augmented reality technology.

Augmented reality chosen for its interactivity

Augmented reality has been chosen because of its ability to enhance the experience of those visiting the location of the monument. Though plans for the physical memorial have been delayed significantly, the virtual representation of the memorial will be made available for tech-savvy people in the near future. These consumers will be able to access a variety of digital content, which will depict President Eisenhower’s history. This content will allow consumers to understand the monuments features better as they will be provided with knowledge concerning how these features relate to President Eisenhower.

Commission aims to make Eisenhower monument as simplistic as possible

The concept of incorporating augmented reality into the memorial is based on a desire to reach out to a new generation. Previous attempts to incorporate interactive technology with other memorials have been met with opposition that suggests the inclusion of such technology would undermine the value of a memorial. The Eisenhower Memorial Commission believes that augmented reality technology could make the e-memorial more attractive to a younger generation without making the memorial gaudy.

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