Echo Dot Kids launches with parental controls and bright color options

Echo Dot Kids - Parental Controls - Internet

Amazon has released its Internet of Things (IoT) speaker meant just for children at home.

For fans of their Amazon Echos, there’s good news for their children as Echo Dot Kids is now available. Amazon has now released a variation of the smart speaker designed with parental controls. The outer casings are available in any of a range of different colors.

This is meant to bring kids into the Alexa mix, which is fun for children and great for Amazon.

After all, what better way for Amazon to secure itself in the hearts and minds of future consumers than to produce a children’s version of its smart speaker? The Echo Dot Kids Edition includes FreeTime services for Alexa. It follows the same formulation as the Kindle Fire Kids edition Amazon released with tablets.

This smart speaker is the same as a typical Echo Dot, only its outer casing is protected with a red, green or blue rubber case. It also features parental controls and a year’s subscription to the FreeTime Unlimited Service. Amazon is also selling these devices with a two-year replacement guarantee. If the Echo Dot gets damaged, the company will replace it with no questions asked.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is selling for $79.99, which is $30 more expensive than the standard model.

At the moment, this smart gadget is available exclusively through pre-order. However, the devices are expected to start shipping on May 9th, so there won’t be long for consumers to wait.

The technology behind the Kids version of the Echo Dot is precisely the same as the standard smart speaker which has been on the market for almost a couple of years. It contains seven far-field microphones in order to detect and register voice commands. It also contains a built-in speaker to play either music or Alexa’s own voice responses. It connects via audio cable or Bluetooth to a larger speaker for improved sound.

The new year of FreeTime service does make the Echo Dot Kids Edition stand out. That feature is pre-activated within the gadget. It makes it possible to use parental controls, to provide child-friendly content and to create an Alexa experience optimized for younger users.

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