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QR Code Marketing Tactics

Big name businesses are starting to use new marketing techniques for advertising. Companies are realizing that if they want to reach certain age groups, or crowds, then they have to reach out to them at their level. Just putting an ad on television or in a magazine won’t do it anymore.

Companies have done everything they can think of to catch your attention during an advertisement. They’ve used famous actors and sports figures, done slap-stick comedy, and they’ve even used babies, senior citizens and animals. But all of that is old news now; so what will get people’s attention?

The marketing business got on the right track when they started using music. Almost every person out there can relate to some type of music. That is one trend that will be around for awhile. Another good avenue is Social Media. Everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account, and if they don’t, they at least know what it is and how to find it.

Staying on top of everything new that comes out can be overwhelming. However, one thing has emerged here (in the U.S.) that may redefine the way advertising is done. QR Codes are small, black and white boxes that resemble a bar code. The difference is, QR Codes are smaller, hold more data, and don’t need a special scanner to be read.

Any Smart phone can download the QR Code reader Application; then just use their phone to “scan” the Code. QR Codes are versatile. They can be put anywhere. You can put them on business cards, in newspapers or magazines, make a sign, or have a decal put on a shirt or on your car; it really is that easy. Versatility in new technology, and they are inexpensive to make and use.

You can have your web site linked to the code, give product information, and make coupons for people to download, or link it to videos and music. This new technology unites people in the physical world with online media; just by taking a picture of it with their mobile phone camera.

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