Discover announces support for Google Wallet

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Discover customers will be able to utilize Google Wallet

Credit giant Discover has announced that it will be supporting Google Wallet. Discover customers will now be able to link Google Wallet to their accounts and make use of the platform to pay for goods and services. The company notes that many of its customers use their accounts to make purchases online, rarely utilizing their physical credit cards. As such, Google Wallet is anticipated to be a welcome addition to the company’s services as it will allow customers to forgo their physical cards and make in-store purchases with their smart phones.

NFC-enabled device needed to make payments through Google Wallet

Discover customers keen on using Google Wallet will have to have an NFC-enabled mobile device. These devices are equipped with NFC chips that allow them to facilitate mobile transactions. Without such a device, Google Wallet will be of little use. The availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices is currently slim, but telecommunications and technology companies are hard at work rectifying this issue. Once NFC-enabled mobile devices saturate the market, mobile commerce is expected to grow quickly.

Security concerns regarding Google Wallet may have been put to rest

Mobile commerce has been growing in popularity, but its expansive has been limited by security concerns and the stifled reach of NFC technology. Google Wallet has been the subject of criticism in the past for its lackluster security features. Google claims to have addressed these issues, but there are still concerns regarding the vulnerabilities of NFC technology itself. Discover has adopted a number of security measures to offset the risk associated with the technology and believes that Google Wallet does not present any problems for consumers.

Syncing Google Wallet with Discover accounts made simple

Discover customers can easily link Google Wallets to their accounts. The credit company has implemented a simple click-to-add process that allows customers to incorporate Google Wallet into their accounts. Customers can also use the Google Wallet application itself to sync it with their Discover accounts.


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