Digital QR code ID cards headed to China

QR code ID cards - ID Card

The country’s e-governance is using a combination of quick response codes and smartphones for identification.

China is launching a new type of QR code ID cards for its citizens to use, provided they don’t mind a digital facial scan.

This marketplace is known for the success of its mobile payments and m-commerce systems.

The popularity of mobile payments has reached the point that it is driving the country forward into becoming cashless. This has been a goal for many nations around the world, but China is doing it successfully. It is completely commonplace to pay for products and services or to cover household bills with a quick scan or tap of a smartphone.

Now, the Chinese government is taking this a step forward to use QR code ID cards as identification. The government has been rapidly embracing smartphone-based technologies. The tech is used to streamline government services. These include everything from apps to other types of channels. They resemble what we would expect from social networking apps, only they offer government services instead.

The QR code ID cards can be obtained through a smartphone by using a designated kiosk.

The goal of the quick response code based identification is to help reduce the need for Chinese citizens to have to line up, complete forms and applications and have their pictures taken in person.

The provincial government of Zhejiang is the first to launch this e-governance technology. It is issuing the e-ID cards as a component of a broader number of efforts. This is being done in collaboration with AliPay, the mobile payments arm of the Alibaba Group.

Residents there can head to a local public security bureau and use one of the kiosks. Those machines will conduct a facial scan of the individual. The next step is for the person to view, then accept the terms and conditions. At that point, the digital version of a physical identification card – decked out with its own unique QR code – is issued to that person’s AliPay account.

Chinese citizens are required to display their ID to complete many regular activities. These can include anything from boarding a train or plane to checking into a hotel or accessing government services. The new digital QR code ID cards can be used in place of the traditional printed documents.

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