Design agency Theme Group are demonstrating their creative flair by making use of QR codes

QR Code Sign

The agency, based just outside Reading, Berkshire, frequently change the hanging sign to reflect upcoming holidays and topical events like the royal wedding or elections.

But while previous signs have seen the clever use of image and typography to convey the message, this year will see something a little different with a visual homage to the pixel art movement combined with the recent rise of QR code technology.

Each image displayed within the sign throughout the year will be made up of large pixels, which on closer inspection are actually coloured QR codes.

For health and safety reasons the sign will be accompanied by a scannable street level QR code further down the signpost, which will give inquisitive passers by a message related to the theme of the sign when scanned with a QR reader app, now widely available on mobile devices.QR Code Sign

Creative director Laurence Hall, who developed the idea, said: “I have loved the simplicity of pixel art for some time now and have wanted to do something with it for a while.

“I’ve also seen a recent trend to integrate QR codes within design, albeit at a fairly literal level. I love to see design push boundaries and embrace new technologies wherever possible and this seemed the perfect opportunity to combine the two movements for a more interactive experience.

“I hit upon the idea of using QR codes to form the pixels within the visual image. The result acknowledges those early days of digital design while giving a nod in the direction things are heading. The message is now literally running throughout the visual image.

“And because you can fit text messages behind them, link to pages on our website, or send SMS texts there is so much scope for us to develop the idea further.”

Fellow creative director Louise Mason added: “Although there are many companies that have used QR codes, using the codes themselves to make up larger images is a new twist on this emerging technology. Both existing clients and passers by often comment on the fact we regularly change our sign, so I’m sure they’ll love and embrace the new interactive signs as we roll them out throughout the year ahead.”

Valentines Day, Hallowe’en and Remembrance Day signs…

Qr Code Signs

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