Denver Broncos augmented reality engages fans

Denver Broncos augmented reality

This experience is offered to fans by way of the team’s “Come to Life” campaign.

A new Denver Broncos augmented reality experience is now engaging fans taking part in the “Come to Life” campaign. This AR experience is a component of the team’s relationship with leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Bud Light and Conoco.

Fans can participate using the Denver Bronco’s Orange Herd app at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

To use the Denver Broncos augmented reality experience, fans use the app to scan one of the six different souvenir cups. This opens up a 3D display on the device screen, launches animations and creates a series of calls to action.

To integrate the AR feature into the Orange Herd mobile app, the team partnered with NEXREF Technologies, a firm from Dallas. That company’s CEO, Gary Haymann, said “The goal is to produce a greater level of engagement with fans.”

The Denver Broncos augmented reality feature gives fans a boosted sense of participation with the team.

Denver Broncos augmented realityIt is also meant to encourage fans to share more of the content within the community of the team’s super-fans. This considerably boosts the campaign’s impact “and our client’s ability to achieve its goals,” said Haymann.


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NEXREF explained that the six cup series is made to make sure that even the most hard-core fans remain engaged throughout the entire season. It provides them with substantial content at each point as they wait for the launch of the next augmented reality experience in the campaign.

The mobile tie-in and sponsor activation make it possible for football teams such as the Broncos to be able to add incentives to raise their mobile app downloads. Strategies like the Denver Broncos augmented reality offerings may also enhance brand affinity for themselves as well as for advertisers. This also provides the opportunity to be able to measure revenue growth through the sale of tickets and merchandise by way of the mobile app itself.

In this way, the AR strategy provides a mobile marketing and m-commerce experience in one interactive fan experience available on a device they bring with them wherever they go.

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