What Are Some of the Home Office Technologies You Need?

Home Office

The world population continues to increase, filling up offices at workplaces every day. As such, home offices come in handy. They enable you to work without leaving your home. This helps to save time and reduce congestion in most offices. If you want to create a conducive and highly productive working environment, you’ll need to find the best modern technologies for your home office. We’ll discuss some of the technologies you can consider for your home office: 10 Best Technologies For Your Home Office Some of the best technologies you…

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Peloton developing $495 strength training smart camera

Smart camera - strength training

The Peloton Guide product is expected to be launched early next year in the United States, Canada and UK. Peloton, which gained fame for its stationary bikes and treadmills, has announced that a smart camera system will be added to its next roll-out which will be used for strength training. The gadget connects to the user’s TV and uses machine learning to understand the user’s movements. The smart camera is critical to the Peloton Guide’s movement tracker feature. It will be compatible with hundreds of the brand’s strength training classes.…

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