Web Design vs. Web Development

Do you know the distinctions between a web developer and a web designer? You may think that it’s too obvious. There’s hardly a designer who wouldn’t know some basic facts about CSS or HTML. And you won’t probably find the developer who cannot work with the storyboard. We’re going to tell you about the key aspects of these two professions, so you will know for sure what to expect from each expert. What is web design? Everything that you can relate to visuals is the work of a web designer.…

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Iloilo tourism QR code system to inform visitors to each province

QR Code System - Tourist Traveling in airport

The region in the Philippines is using quick response codes to provide tourists helpful information. The Iloilo Tourism Office will be equipping every town in the region with a QR code system. The goal is to provide tourists with much needed information about the area. This could help to improve their visit with information about the different things they can see and where they are. Each town within the Iloilo region of the Philippines will be provided with its own QR codes. The budget for this program is around $3,846…

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