NFC technology proves popular amongst university students

NFC Technology in clothing

NFC technology being used for more than commerce There are many uses for NFC technology that extend beyond the world of commerce. Before the technology became the backbone of mobile commerce, for instance, it was used in marketing to provide consumers with engaging experiences. Now, the technology is becoming more popular in the world of security because of its uses in access control. Ironically, NFC technology is currently surrounded by controversy concerning its security and how it can be easily exploited. The security industry has only ever seen these concerns…

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MasterCard released PayPass SDK for app developers

NFC Mobile Payments Mastercard QR Code PayPass MasterPass

MasterCard continues to show support for NFC technology Most of the world’s major financial institutions have shown their support for NFC technology. MasterCard is no different, but the credit giant has been more conservative in its approach to the technology than its competitors. NFC technology is most commonly associated with mobile commerce, a growing industry that has the potential to change the way consumers make payments for goods and services. The popularity of the technology has been marred by concerns regarding safety and efficiency, causing many in the financial services…

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M-commerce in the U.S. led by the largest players in the marketplace

M-Commerce Industry

Mobile sales growth is expected to reach a rate of 99 percent before the completion of 2012. American sales in m-commerce are expected to increase by 99 percent this year, to reach almost $21 billion from having been at a level of $10.50 billion last year. That said, it is the retail, travel, and ticket companies are the areas that lead this marketplace. According to Mobile 400 prediction data, the top 10 companies will be responsible for a full 39 percent of all of the m-commerce sales in the country.…

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NFC technology projects from HID Global reach conclusion

HID Global NFC technology projects come to an end at Netflix and Good Technology headquarters HID Global, a secure identity solutions developer, has announced the completion of two pilot projects concerning NFC technology. The pilot projects were meant to examine the capabilities of NFC technology in access management and whether the technology presented a significant risk for existing security systems. These projects were conducted in the headquarters of Good Technology and Netflix. Both companies made use of NFC-enabled mobile devices to participate in the pilot projects. NFC continues to grow…

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Mcommerce adoption is faster in the East than the West

Global mobile technology trends network

This, according to a global survey performed by Rakuten. Rakuten has released the results of its worldwide research, which has indicated that consumers in the countries located in the far east have a far greater likelihood than western countries to take part in mcommerce. The survey identified trends primarily throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. It discovered that 13 percent of consumers in Thailand and 15 percent of those from Indonesia will not hesitate to use their smartphones or tablets to make the purchase of a product or service. Comparatively,…

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NFC technology may lead to free transportation

NFC Technology for transportation

  Security of NFC technology again called into question NFC technology is being billed, by its supporters, as a revolution for the world of commerce. The technology enables a smart phone or similar device to function as a mobile payment platform akin to a credit card. NFC has received a great deal of support from financial institutions as well as technology and telecommunications companies all over the world. There are, however, some serious concerns regarding the safety of NFC technology, some of which have not yet been addressed because of…

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QR codes tested by fire department in new emergency program

QR code mhealth

The barcodes will be used to help share medical data with firefighters. Firefighters in Marin County, California, are testing out a new program that uses QR codes to help to make sure that first responders have rapid and easy access to vital medical information in a rescue situation. These emergency workers know that in some situations, this data can mean the difference between life and death. Across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, this county’s fire department began looking into the design of a program that would incorporate QR…

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Augmented reality transforms Angry Birds

Augmented Reality Video

PendAR working to pioneer augmented reality gaming Augmented reality games are becoming a craze as more developers show interest in the technology. These interactive games are not being pioneered by giant developers like Sony or Microsoft, however, small developers, sometimes comprised of a single person, are leading the charge in augmented reality games. PendAR is one such developer. The company, which specializes in augmented reality, has brought the technology to one of the world’s most popular mobile games: Angry Birds. Angry Birds gets a 3D upgrade Angry Birds has provided…

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Mcommerce expected to bring £11 billion in U.K. sales in 2012

mobile commerce and NFC technology

This year, retail mobile apps should generate sales growth by about 23 percent. The results of a new Netsuite study have been released in their latest report, and have shown that mcommerce apps among high street retailers in the United Kingdom will increase from 70 percent to 80 percent. This includes those that have stated that they intend to have at least one within the next year. The leading platforms for retail mcommerce applications are iOS (at 48 percent), Android (at 45 percent), Windows Phone (at 30 percent) and Blackberry…

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QR codes on clothing converts college students into advertising

QR Codes on Tshirts

Local startup uses apparel as a form of walking billboard space. Chadwick Martin Bailey, a market research and consulting firm, has released the results of their recent poll regarding the way that people scan QR codes and it has led to some unique uses for the codes. The survey involved the participation of almost 1,300 people regarding their scanning habits. The poll found that 46 percent of the people who took part had scanned QR codes simply because they were “curious” about where it would lead. Jossle, a startup from…

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Bank of America snubs NFC in favor of alternative

Bank of America mobile payments

Bank of America testing new mobile payment system Bank of America has chosen to abandon NFC technology in favor of a new, image-based technology it is currently testing. The system that the bank is testing is designed to be a mobile commerce solution that is an alternative to NFC technology. The system seems to have an immediate appeal to retailers interested in mobile commerce as it requires them to share nothing more than a simple image with consumers. This removes the need for expensive hardware and could win the support…

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