Interactive marketing becoming more popular in South Korea

South Korea NFC Shopping

Marketing industry continues to adjust to the trends influencing consumer interest As mobile technology becomes more common amongst consumers, the marketing industry has to adapt to the changes in consumer interest. South Korea’s marketing industry is the latest sector to experience a technological transformation, with many advertisers beginning to focus on interactive marketing. As such, NFC technology is beginning to gain traction in the industry because of its ability to dynamically connect consumers with businesses. The use of the technology is expected to continue growing as more marketers see success…

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Mobile marketing lessons from the successes of the USPS

US post office uses qr codes

The use of QR codes and other smartphone friendly techniques has set a good example. The United States Postal Service has been integrating mobile marketing into its direct mail services and the results have been exceptionally positive, providing some solid examples of how smartphones can be properly used by marketers. In 2011, spending on direct mail increased by 2.9 percent over the year before. This took the spending on that channel up to $21 billion last year. Magna Advertising Group has stated that the USPS has managed to keep up…

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Mhealth program uses QR codes to access patient information

QR code mhealth

The Immune Project is using a mobile strategy to increase the number of vaccinations. Every year, millions of children die from preventable diseases because they did not receive a vaccination, but with the mhealth strategy at the Immune Project, it is hoped that this number will be significantly diminished. The program is using QR codes to give providers access to information about their patients. The goal is to begin using better patient record management through mhealth methods in order to make certain that the number of people who do not…

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Unlock the Invisible with Your Mobile

augmented reality humanoid robot

Reveal and enjoy animated 3D art hidden in adverts and claim exclusive discounts on the go with latest app update from, the most accessible augmented reality service; announces today the astonishing new features of its latest 1.6 version, available now to download from Apple iTunes and Google Play. Key features include: • Animation – see things spin, move and react to gravity and location as you move • Vouchers – collect embedded discounts as you scan • Screen Capture – share your photos of the action • New…

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QR code generator with a unique angle released by Clipix

Clipix QR Code

The company has unveiled a new mcommerce smartphone barcode based feature. Visual bookmarking tool startup mcommerce company, Clipix, was only just launched in June, but it has taken off with a highly impressive growth, and is already releasing new features, such as its QR codes generator, that are drawing even more attention in its direction. This new feature isn’t just a replica of standards from other companies. Instead, the company has given it a new twist, according to Oded Berkowitz, the CEO and founder of Clipix. The reason that its…

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New iPhone 5 images leaked, hint at NFC technology

iphone 5

Images show new component in front assembly A series of images of the new iPhone 5 have been leaked, supposedly detailing the device’s front assembly. Similar leaks have occurred in the past, revealing the internal machinations of previous incarnations of the iPhone, but these images feature something that has never been seen before in the mobile device. The iPhone 5’s front assembly contains a new feature that may be an NFC chip. If this is the case, some of the speculation surrounding the iPhone 5 will have been proven true.…

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Augmented reality marketing advances in Canada

Astral Out-of-Home transit shelter

Astral Out-of-Home and Ad-Dispatch launch new augmented reality application Augmented reality is gaining traction as a marketing tool. Augmented reality marketing has shown itself to be somewhat successful due to its high level of engagement. Consumers have long showed favor for participating in marketing campaigns that are dynamic and appeal to their love of interactivity. Astral Out-of-Home, and outdoor marketing company, and Ad-Dispatch, a digital production company with a focus on augmented reality, have teamed to launch new applications that leverage the concept of augmented reality marketing. iRiS AR aims…

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Mobile commerce division to receive a boost at HP

HP mobile payments

Plans have now begun in creating this new branch of the company. A memo from within HP has been leaked and heavily suggests that the company has already begun the process of building a new mobile commerce division. Similar efforts by this organization have failed in the past. HP had attempted to dip into device efforts such as tablets, but they never managed to make any meaningful impact on the market. By reorganizing, this may provide the company with a new grasp on the marketplace. However, as of yet, it…

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QR code patent between Microsoft and Neomedia draws more attention to the barcodes

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

This could also mean the end to the Microsoft Tag in mcommerce, once and for all. Just as Apple prepares to unveil its own Passbook QR code based service, it appears as though Microsoft has also focused its attention on mcommerce barcodes, with the help of Neomedia. That latter company has just announced that it has granted worldwide rights to license its patent portfolio. Among those to benefit from the 74 QR code patents that are contained within Neomedia, is Microsoft. The financial details of the deal between the two…

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Publishers embrace augmented reality to appeal to consumers

Bauer Media Heat magazine augmented reality

IPC and Bauer Media to utilize augmented reality technology Publishing giants IPC and Bauer Media have embraced augmented reality with the launch of separate initiatives that are fashioned for the leading publications. IPC’s Look magazine and Bauer Media’s Heat magazine will feature a variety of digital content that is designed to improve the experience of readers. Both publishers believe that the technology may help them compete with digital platforms, which have become rampantly popular with consumers. The initiatives are primarily focused on t he UK market, where circulation of print…

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Mobile payments in 2017 will be worth $1.3 trillion

mobile payments trends

Prediction made based on the acceleration of NFC and the sale of physical goods over smartphones. According to the latest Juniper Research report, between now and 2017, the size of the mobile payments marketplace will expand almost four times over, to the point that it will reach over $1.3 trillion. The report is entitled “Mobile Payments Strategies: NFC, Remote Purchases & Money Transfer 2012-2017”. The data included in the report suggested that the growth in the mobile payments industry would be driven primarily from the sale of physical products purchased…

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