Data’s potential can now begin to be harnessed by mobile marketers


Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketers have been testing various methods of communication with consumers by way of their mobile devices, and the time has come for those marketers to take their offerings to the next step by taking advantage of what their mobile lists and data truly have to offer.

Consumers have been highly responsive to the marketing they have received by way of their smartphones and tablets and have been opting in to various mobile lists by the thousands, if not millions. The one demand that they are now making is that they want to receive a larger amount of information by way of their mobile device, so marketers need to be prepared to fill that need.

The primary struggle for mobile marketers is deciding what to do next. How do they use this data to their greatest advantage? There is a huge potential to open communications with customers in order to promote services in products at the ideal time to appeal to them when they will be most interested in making a purchase. This also offers the opportunity to better understand those preferences, such as day of the week, time of the day, and location.

Unfortunately, with so many different options from which to choose, all too many marketers are opting not to use their mobile lists at all, since they prefer to avoid being perceived as spam, or because their efforts are being focused elsewhere, such as generating content on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, or search engines, primarily Google.

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