Danone baby formula QR codes offer parents improved transparency

Baby formula QR codes - baby with bottle

The new barcoding service will show consumers the entire journey of several product brands.

Danone recently unveiled a new system of baby formula QR codes. The goal of the new digitally enabled feature is to offer shoppers a way to understand precisely where the product came from.

The company is seeking to improve its “farm to fork” journey transparency in several of its brands.

Among the brands that will benefit from the baby formula QR codes include Nutrilon, Aptamil, Laboratoire Gallia, and Karicare. Consumers can use their smartphone cameras to scan one of two of the quick response codes on the participating brand product packages. This will allow them to access the Track & Connect service.

The first of the barcodes will be laser printed on the outer packaging. This makes it possible for the consumer to access it in the store even before they have purchased the item. That way, they can make sure their questions are answered and that they approve of the information provided before they buy the product. The second quick response barcode is laser printed on the package behind a tamper-resistant seal. That code can be scanned only after the item has been purchased.

The outer baby formula QR codes shows consumers the product’s supply chain journey on a brand page.

This supply chain information tracks and shares that specific item’s journey. It lets shoppers know where the ingredients were produced and where it was manufactured and shipped before reaching their store shelf.

The inner QR code behind the tamper resistant seal is designed to help consumers avoid scams and fraudulent products. Scanning it triggers a one-time message which confirms to the smartphone user that the product is indeed authentic.

In the future, the inner barcode will also offer consumers additional resources. Among them will include health and nutrition information and mobile apps, parenting “how to” videos, as well as customer helpline connections and easy access to online e-commerce services.

Danone’s new baby formula QR codes service is powered by blockchain, aggregation and Baby formula QR codes - baby with bottleserialization technology. Its goal beyond informing consumers will be to make it easier for retailers and distributors to track and predict consumer preferences and demand.

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